Testimonials for Horizon Physical Therapy

"Simply the Best"

Jennifer Payne is simply the best Physical Therapist I have ever encountered!  (And I have known many.)  I have worked with Jen/Horizon for over two years with various issues and each time I have been restored to health.   

She gently but firmly pushes you to work towards your healing.  When the body is not able to respond because of tight/painful muscles her hands-on approach works miracles.   She has moved me from chronic pain to managed pain and I look forward to being pain-free again.  

In summary, if you are looking for a PT who cares, is knowledgeable and has the skills to help you heal….Jennifer Payne is the therapist you should see.

"thanks to my PT... for her total dedication"

I had a total knee replacement in the fall of 2009 and was in need of post surgical physical therapy. I had a choice between a couple of facilities, and I chose Horizon Physical Therapy for my treatment. Am I glad I did, I had given myself six months to feel better and walk normally but thanks to my PT Jennifer Payne for her total dedication and hard work during my healing process I was able to do so in less than four months.

"thank you Horizon"

I went to Horizon Physical Therapy (“Horizon”) to rehabilitate my right leg after multiple fractures of the tibia, the fibula, the femur and the degloving of the heel.

Three years of therapy later I am very lucky to share that I have completely recovered.  Recovery would not have been possible without physical therapy and Horizon provided the therapy.  Horizon did an excellent job!

Specifically, Horizon was ideal for me because the facility was very accessible and away from traffic.  The staff is professional and courteous.  Horizon was also quick at catching early stages of staph infections and dealt with wound treatments which were not anticipated services.

Once again, and I can’t say this enough, thank you Horizon.

"pain free in 4 weeks!"

I had been experiencing on and off discomfort in my shoulder for the better part of a year and a half. Finally I decided that the pain was not just going to go away on its own and sought help at Horizon with Jennifer and Company. With simple exercises performed both at her facility and at my home I was able to become pain free in 4 weeks!! I am truly thankful to Jen and her wonderful staff for "fixing me". I have recommended and will continue to recommend to anyone that if you want to be pain free, go see Mrs. Payne McCartney......and crew!!!!
Thanks again,
Jesse Ryan

"very professional, knowledgable and kind"

The first time I walked into Horizon Physical Therapy I was greeted by Jennifer Payne PT and asked her a few questions about the pain that I was feeling in my knee. Ms. Payne was willing to help me although I arrived after work hours. I was pointed in the right direction as to what needed to be done in order to become a patient of Horizon Physical Therapy. A few days later I was informed that I had a torn ACL and needed therapy. From August to mid October I was a patient of Ms. Payne, she was very professional, knowledgable and kind. We worked together for me to be able to play sports again. At therapy Jennifer gave me different exercises to strengthen my knee and the muscles around it. The environment was very relaxed and the staff was awesome. Everything was always ready before I arrived at my appointed time and she knew what I needed before I even asked. Ms. Payne pays attention to detail and I would recommend Horizon Physical Therapy to anyone that may need any type of therapy.

"She helped me get my normal life back."

I have always been an athlete that loved playing competitive basketball in adult leagues most of my life. About a year ago, after games I slowly started feeling a weird pain in my low back. It was not only painful but the nerves in my leg seemed to be misfiring. It was impacting how I could play. I had just turned 30 and I thought, I am too young to be having these issues. I got an MRI and I was diagnosed with  Spondylolisthesis which was causing my nerves and body to misfire. I was very close to having minimally invasive spine surgery since being active is part of my DNA and a contributor to my life satisfaction and career performance. I am so grateful I gave physical therapy a shot when I heard great things about Horizon Physical Therapy. As soon as I met Jen I knew she would be a great PT for me. She tried to get to know me, not just my symptoms, to understand the best way to treat me. It was a grind at first to learn all the exercises she was teaching me and practice them everyday, but I stuck with it. Jen was so positive and was so encouraging. She was extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She provided logical explanations for the benefits of each move and how it would improve my posture.

I am grateful to say that I can play basketball every week again, I can do P90X, I can run and most importantly, my body and lower back both feel strong and healthy. I know I will always have to practice some of the moves she taught me, but the benefits are well worth the small time investment. I cant recommend Jen and Horizon Physical Therapy enough. She helped me get my normal life back.

"i thought i just had to live with my chronic pain"

For years I thought I just had to live with my chronic pain. Jen/Horizon showed me that that didn't have to be the case.

"More like getting together with a friend"

Visiting Jen at Horizon Physical Therapy was more like getting together with a friend than going to an office.  She and her staff are welcoming, friendly, and organized.  They were flexible in scheduling my appointments and always ran on time.  Jen is very knowledgeable and targeted my weak areas with simple exercises.  I was able to see improvements quickly and my back pain lessened as I followed the program she created for me.  Jen also showed me how my posture was causing my back pain.  As a result, I've been able to make small changes in how I hold myself and my back pain is gone!  In fact, I just finished the Army Ten Miler, my first running race in over 5 years!  Thanks Jen for making it possible!

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